Nyumba Link Ltd is a property marketing and management firm focused on delivering professional and customized real estate services to individuals in the private and public sector in East Africa. The firm, duly incorporated under the companies Act Cap 486 in 2007, has made its presence strongly felt in the Kenyan property and real estate industry as a market leader of repute.

We offer specialized real estate marketing and management services refined over 1 5 years of operation in Kenya for both residential and commercial properties. Our success is derived from strategically studying the real estate market with a direct relation to properties and identifying the correct target group. We then profile and approach the market from a point of knowledge. In real estate, it is critical to understand the market and its dynamics.

At Nyumba Link Limited, we fully understand this. Our hands-on, flexible and personalized approach to the business serves as our core competence.

Having been in the industry for over 1 5 years, we have continually gathered an enormous and growing database of clients both local and foreign who have enquired for similar services mainly property letting and management.

We aim to delight and surprise our clients, deliver exceptional service, and exceed their expectations at every step in the transaction. Our goal is to make the real estate process memorable and one that our clients want others to experience.

  1. Guiding client through the real estate experience with patience and an open, frequent line of communication.
  2. Helping each client fulfill their dream of buying or selling their home in a personal, relaxed, yet professional manner.
  3. Holding ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards.
  4. Providing all team members a fun, stable, fulfilling environment with the opportunity for personal growth.
  5. Helping our clients make prudent real estate decisions, and in the process prove worthy of their friendship so that we may become long-term friends and advisors.
  6. Providing our clients with comprehensive information and expert advice.
  7. Being the LEADER in Real Estate Industry.

Our vision is to manage real estate investments for our clients with utmost professionalism, to ensure maximum returns while providing transparent and state of the art services to the property owners. Because of this we have adopted the most advanced technological innovations in property management to provide the seamless services to our clients and tenants.

Our Services

Property Management-Residential and Commercial
Property Letting (Residential and Commercial)
Property Selling -Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Property Valuation-Residential and Commercial

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