Top 4 Benefits of City Living

Living in the city is hectic. Life is about work, traffic, and speed. Some people view city life as convenient, thrilling, and daring, while many find it monotonous and driven by pressure. These are four benefits of city living:

More job 0pportunities

Nairobi serves as the beating heart of Kenya, which explains why nearly 90% of corporate and governmental headquarters are found there. All businesses desire to be situated in areas with easy access to transportation, electricity, and other facilities. Living in a city offers a plethora of opportunities, which in turn gives the tumultuous youth population work.

In quest of employment and business opportunities, a large number of people relocate to cities. The city has a much easier time finding employment than any other place, which adds to the population growth that drives up costs and traffic.

Transport accessibility

Nairobi boasts the best transportation infrastructure in the nation; you can get anywhere you want to go with just an Uber, Bolt, or standard taxi call. The better off you are if you own a car since it will make it easier for you to travel to busy areas like hotels, bus terminals, airports, and places of employment. Living in a city can be challenging between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., but you can just turn on some music and take a leisurely ride or drive home.

Access to better education

You had better reside in a city if you want your kids to go to the most prestigious and elite schools. For your kids, there are prestigious private and international schools available in addition to public ones. If you value a top-notch education, you should visit the city and take advantage of what it has to offer.

It is a fact that the center of real education is in the city, even though there are some excellent schools outside of it.


Nairobi city is also a sight to behold on its own; a sheer beauty that is simply breathtaking, full of culture, historically rich and also boasts of a few wildlife parks and sanctuaries. From wild animals roaming so close to the CBD, thrilling entertainment joints, beautiful skyline, rich history collection in museums and art centres, wildlife conservation centres to world-class hotels, Nairobi is truly a gem to explore.

Business & Leisure

The city becomes what you make it. When visiting a city as a tourist, you can have fun at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, malls, and beaches, but if you are a workaholic, the city is just a place to work. Real fun and real business are epitomized in the city.


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