7 Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Let us face it; if you are living in an apartment, you probably do not have that dream bathroom featuring a Jacuzzi tub and walk-in shower. You are probably cramped on space and do not have the opportunity to make any big changes. However, there are a few things you can do to optimize the space and make the bathroom look bigger than it actually is. You do not need to be an interior designer or undergo a big bathroom remodel to get the most out your small space. These small bathroom ideas should do the trick.

1. Step up your storage.

Optimizing your storage space is crucial in a small bathroom. If you are like most people, your bathroom likely contains an abundance of toiletries. Having them lying all over, the place will look clumsy and make any small bathroom feel cluttered. Invest in products that improve organization, decrease clutter, and create open space.

Think about adding shelving units, expanding under sink organizers, and compacting linen closets. Medicine cabinets are a great addition as they add storage and an extra mirror, which both help small bathrooms look larger.

2. Remove the clutter.

Speaking of decreasing clutter, get rid of things that do not belong. Your wall art and plants may look nice, but it does not make the bathroom look any larger. Get rid of extra accessories to create a neater space and reorganize that bathroom vanity to clear up space.

3. Lighten up the space.

Light plays a huge role in making space appear larger. If you have windows in your bathroom, use curtains that will maintain your privacy while permitting natural light. Improving and adding lighting is a great way to liven up a room. Replace those yellow bulbs with bright LED lights, and look into installing additional light fixtures that both improve lighting and draw the eyes upward.

4. Repaint and redefine.

If you want to take your bathroom brightness up a notch, look into painting the walls. Obviously, you should get this cleared by your property owner first. Once you get the green light, paint your walls and ceiling the same color to create the feeling of a bigger space. The goal is to apply that soft, light color scheme throughout the room, so pick a color that stays cohesive with your floors.

5. Multiply your mirrors.

The bathroom mirror (and mirrors in general) can play a huge role in the overall feel of your space. This is due to the additional light reflected from the mirror that creates the illusion of a large space. Your bathroom probably already has a large mirror, but getting additional smaller mirrors can also help.

6. Raise the (shower) bar.

A common trick for expanding your space is to raise your shower bar to the top of your ceiling. The high shower curtain will generally draw eyes upwards, making the room seem more spacious. Transparent shower curtains are also recommended to maintain the theme of light colors. If you want to go all out, get rid of the curtain altogether and opt for glass shower doors. Many property owners will allow this as it increases the value of the apartment, but something they will not do because of the price. If you go this route, go for clear glass over frosted glass, as transparency contributes to the light, seamless look you are going for.

7. More than a door.

If your bathroom door is hinged, you can try replacing it for a sliding door. For a small bathroom, just opening up the door will take up more of that valuable square footage. If you want to stick with the hinged door, use the door to your advantage. Install towel racks or hooks on your door for extra storage.

With these bathroom design tips, your small room will take on a completely different look and feel. Even if you do not have a ton of real estate to work with, you can still make the most out of a smaller space.

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